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Are you noticing wrinkles on your face or cellulite on your legs? It's entirely natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Yet, we understand if you'd like to delay these signs of aging a bit longer. At Sensitif, we offer an effective treatment for skin improvement and cellulite using the innovative Icoone laser treatment. The Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation system works in a highly effective manner, stimulating the formation of new tissue. By stimulating from all angles, the device tightens the skin and contours the body without causing pain or stress to the skin.

But that's not all. The device extends beyond just body treatments. For those seeking to maintain a youthful appearance on their face and hands, the Icoone laser treatment offers a special feature. It combines precision and comfort, allowing you to enjoy radiant skin, regardless of your age. At Sensitif, we understand that beauty comes from within and outside. That's why we've included the Icoone laser treatment in our range to help boost your confidence and accentuate your natural beauty. Discover the power of innovation and experience the sensational results of our skin improvement and cellulite treatments with Icoone. While aging may be natural, with the right care and technology, we can delay it a bit longer, allowing you to be your best self. Below, you'll find an overview of our programs that can assist you in achieving this.

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