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Why choose for a body shaping treatment

In reality, an ideal body shape is not just the 'right' weight on the scale but also a well-proportioned body without fat deposits where we don't want them. Reduction of subcutaneous fat for body shaping is the dream of many. However, achieving this without resorting to a scalpel, which can be daunting due to potential side effects, the need for anesthesia, and long recovery times, is desirable. Getting slimmer and firmer legs through exercise may not be sufficient if we still see our bulging stomach in the mirror. Similarly, achieving a smaller size and reducing your stomach may not be the desired goal if you suffer from sagging in your buttocks and thighs, and localized subcutaneous fat deposits still bother you. Layers of fat tissue, often resistant to diets and exercise, have a clear preference for certain parts of the body:
  • Abdominal fat accumulation is very common, especially after menopause when the effect of female hormones diminishes, and strict diets or abdominal exercises often yield unsatisfactory results.
  • Thighs are a concern for many, as the body structure of women tends to concentrate fat reserves here for hormonal reasons.
  • The buttocks are the weak point for many women who have reached their ideal weight but still perceive themselves as too large in this part of the body.
  • The body shaping treatment explained

    This unique, patented technology is integrated into all Icoone handpieces, equipped with microstimulators that, like thousands of small hands, massage the skin and provide up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute. Icoone also enables two-handed massages to treat both sides of the body symmetrically and includes LED and laser light sources that can be used together or separately, enhancing the effect precisely in areas where fat resists diet and exercise, helping to reduce the volume of fat cells. In this way, fat deposits are mobilized and reduced, precisely shaping the body where needed. The treatment is completely painless and rather pleasantly relaxing, and can be tailored to the needs of each individual to enhance the contour of the body.
    Minutes (starting from)
    Één focus zone
    v.a. € 50,-
    20 minuten
    Lichaamsbehandeling met focus zone
    € 92,-
    40 minuten
    Extra focus zone
    € 44,-
    20 minuten
    Verplichte aanschaf Icoone® Bodysuit (verkrijgbaar in kliniek)
    € 37,-
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