Why choose for a cellulite treatment

Addressing cellulite is not only relevant from an aesthetic point of view but also contributes to overall health. Cellulite can impede blood circulation and promote the accumulation of toxins, which can have negative consequences for your well-being. Additionally, reducing cellulite can yield significant benefits for confidence, as many people feel less assured due to the presence of this skin condition. Smoother, firmer skin and improved skin texture are not just aesthetic advantages but also contribute to a more positive self-image. Furthermore, reducing cellulite gives people the freedom to wear clothing in which they feel comfortable and confident. Additionally, it can have positive effects on athletic performance and general fitness, as cellulite can impact freedom of movement.

The cellulite treatment explained

After 20 years of endoscopic research, Professor Guimberteau has developed a new perspective on connective tissue, also known as fascia. Connective tissue is found throughout the body, not just in the skin, and influences circulation and blood flow. To treat connective tissue, the Icon Roboderm technology is utilized. This technology activates and stimulates connective tissue and fibers without causing damage or stress to the skin, using microstimulators. The device is non-invasive on connective tissue, without inducing stress or cortisol production, resulting in faster results. This is achieved through the use of microstimulations at a rate of 21,600 suctions per minute, reaching both the upper and lower skin layers. The Icoone® essentially takes on the role of manual connective tissue massage and has the capacity to work even deeper into the connective tissue, leading to optimal results.
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20 minuten
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€ 92,-
40 minuten
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€ 44,-
20 minuten
Verplichte aanschaf Icoone® Bodysuit (verkrijgbaar in kliniek)
€ 37,-
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