Reduce muscle pain


Why choose for a muscle pain treatment

In our lifestyle, it's challenging to avoid muscle complaints. We move little, work at a desk with a computer, and it's easy for muscles to tighten into painful contractures or become inflamed. It's often back and neck pain that is promoted in this way because it leads to an increase in muscle tension and stiffness, subsequently resulting in muscle cramps. The inevitable result is pain felt during the day, significantly deteriorating the quality of life. Even those who are more active are not immune to these problems, as tendon inflammation and painful tendons often recur after minor injuries or excessive efforts.

The muscle pain treatment explained

The Icoone device focuses on muscle massage. This device uses innovative handpieces equipped with microstimulators that massage the skin and allow up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute. After just one session, all these effects are possible, ensuring the restoration of mobility in the affected joints, relaxation of the muscles, and relief from discomfort and pain associated with various forms of muscle tension.
Minutes (starting from)
Één focus zone
v.a. € 50,-
20 minuten
Lichaamsbehandeling met focus zone
€ 92,-
40 minuten
Extra focus zone
€ 44,-
20 minuten
Verplichte aanschaf Icoone® Bodysuit (verkrijgbaar in kliniek)
€ 37,-
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