Celluma Light Therapy


Why choose Celluma light therapy

Celluma Light Therapy is a NASA-developed unique light therapy device that delivers blue, red, and near-infrared light energy to safely treat a wide range of different conditions. Research has shown that this light therapy:
  • improves skin color, texture, and brightness
  • reduces fine lines, wrinkles, spots, and scars on the skin
  • kills acne-causing bacteria
  • prevents future breakouts
  • reduces skin inflammation
  • relieves stiffness, spasms, arthritis, and muscle and joint pain
  • increases blood circulation
  • accelerates tissue repair
  • and much more
  • Light therapy treatment with blue light explained

    Blue light (with a wavelength of 480 nm) mainly works on the surface of the skin and penetrates the least deep into the skin. Blue light is used to improve the skin by creating oxygen at the right depth, destroying the propionibacterium (which often causes acne). Pimples and redness will decrease, and skin inflammation will be fought and prevented. Blue light is used for:
  • acne
  • inflammation caused by acne
  • killing acne-causing bacteria
  • sensitive skin
  • restless skin
  • large pores
  • Light therapy treatment with red light explained

    Red light (with a wavelength of 648 nm) penetrates deeper into the skin than blue light, improving the skin. Red light stimulates the production of fibroblasts in the production of collagen and elastin. Fibroblasts (cells that make collagen and elastin) are prompted to work faster, making the skin tighter and fuller. The skin's structure and elasticity will improve, and blood circulation will be stimulated. Red light is used for:
  • skin aging and sagging
  • skin damage (e.g., from sunlight)
  • wounds/cuts (including superficial scars)
  • pigment spots
  • dull skin
  • wrinkles
  • poor circulation
  • Treatment
    Minutes (starting from)
    Led licht therapie (LLT)
    € 35,-
    30 minuten
    LLT + oppervlaktereiniging
    € 45,-
    45 minuten
    LLT + dieptereiniging + medische peeling
    € 69,-
    60 minuten

    Light therapy treatment with near-infrared light energy explained

    Near-infrared light (with a wavelength of 880 nm) penetrates deep into the skin. Therefore, this treatment is effective for bones and joints, as well as deeper muscle issues. Near-infrared light is used for:
  • arthritis
  • joint and muscle pain
  • muscle stiffness
  • aches and spasms
  • inflammatory processes
  • Overview
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