Coagulation therapy


What is coagulation therapy?

Coagulation therapy is a treatment method used to permanently remove various benign skin irregularities. This method utilizes heat to coagulate the skin lesion, which is then expelled by the body. The surrounding skin remains unaffected. The following medical conditions can be treated with this method:
  • Fibromas (skin tags)
  • Age spots
  • Common warts
  • Benign skin bumps
  • Xanthelasma
  • Explaining the coagulation therapy

    At Sensitif Laser & Skin Clinic, we utilize an advanced device called the Zapper, which comes into direct contact with treatment area of the skin. By heating the condition, coagulation is induced, eventually leading to expulsion by the body. A significant advantage of this approach is that the heat is highly focused on the specific irregularity, leaving the surrounding healthy tissue unaffected. Thanks to this precise control, the treatment is carried out with minimal damage to the surrounding skin. This advanced form of controlled heating results in an effective therapy appreciated for its safety and effectiveness.

    Immediately after the treatment, a crust forms on the treated area, which falls off naturally after about seven days. This results in new, healthy skin without scars.

    With our Zapper, multiple skin irregularities can be treated in a short amount of time, resulting in an efficient and time-saving procedure. This means that patients can have multiple irregularities treated in one session, reducing the need for frequent visits to the clinic for individual treatments. This ability for simultaneous treatment contributes to the comfort and convenience of our patients, while still achieving optimal results.
    Number of treatments (avg)
    1-10 fibromen (oneffenheden)
    € 65,-
    11-20 fibromen
    € 85,-
    Meer dan 20 fibromen
    In overleg

    After the coagulation therapy

    The result of the treatment is beautiful, new skin. After the treatment, a crust may form as mentioned, which naturally disappears after several days. To prevent pigmentation spots, it is recommended to protect the new skin from direct sunlight for four weeks with a sunscreen of at least SPF30.
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