Is permanent hair removal painful?

Permanent hair removal with the LightSheer Desire or the Cocoon Medical Primelase Excellence is virtually painless. It's limited to a brief, warm, tingling sensation that disappears in milliseconds thanks to this technology. Permanent hair removal with the LightSheer DUET or the Cocoon Medical is also nearly painless, presenting as a short, warm, tingling sensation. Among all hair removal methods, the Primelase Excellence is demonstrably the most effective and least painful.

Can all types of hair be treated?

Yes, except for red, gray, and pigmentless hair. For these difficult-to-remove hairs, we have a device called Applisonics at our disposal. This is specifically used for removing a few of these hairs. During the consultation, the hair type will be determined. You'll then be informed whether treatment is feasible.

Can all skin types be treated?

Yes, all skin types can be treated. Your skin will be carefully examined, and your skin type determined. We also conduct a test before proceeding with the treatment. Based on all this information, we develop a treatment plan. Let us inform you during the free consultation.

Are there risks associated with a laser treatment?

No, not if you adhere to our instructions and guidelines. These are detailed in the information sheet provided during the consultation. Additionally, during the intake, we carefully review the client's medical background. To ensure maximum safety, we always conduct a test to observe how the skin reacts. Furthermore, research has shown that treatment with the LightSheer Desire and the Cocoon Medical laser equipment has clinically proven to have no adverse long-term effects. Thanks to its unique technology, this form of laser hair removal is currently the safest and most effective.

When is the best time to start a laser treatment?

It doesn't matter when you start, but ensure that you're sun-protected for 4 to 6 weeks and haven't waxed. It's best to protect the area to be treated with clothing or, if not possible, with sunscreen/sunblock products.

Can I walk around in public after a facial laser treatment?

Yes, you can. We ensure the treated area is properly cooled. As a result you will see very little to nothing of the procedure.

Can I pause laser treatments midway and resume them later?

Yes, that's possible. Because each area has its own hair growth cycle, it's advisable to plan this pause in consultation with our staff. They can advise on the timing that would have the least impact on the overall treatment. We can provide you with information about this during the consultation.

Which equipment does SENSITIF use, and how can I know if it works effectively?

We use the LightSheer Desire diode laser and the Cocoon Medical Primelase diode platform with exclusive new technology. This is the most powerful, effective, safe, and comfortable laser platform available. Currently, it's the best equipment worldwide for permanent hair removal. We always stay up-to-date with the latest advancements.

Who performs the laser treatments, and is there a doctor associated with the clinic?

There is a doctor and a dermatologist associated with the clinic. SENSITIF sets high admission standards for its staff and specializes in laser hair removal. The treatments are carried out by well-trained laser therapists who work under strict hygienic conditions.

Since when has SENSITIF specialized in laser hair removal?

We've been doing this work for over 19 years, building extensive experience. We consider ourselves specialists. To date, we have performed over 40,000 treatments.

Which body parts can be treated for hair removal?

All body parts can be treated for hair removal.

What medical conditions can be treated at Sensitif?

Ingrown hair, hypertrichosis, hirsutism, folliculitis, hair growth in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and pilonidal cyst (Sinus pilonidalis).

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