Laser hair removal face


Why choose for laser hair removal for the face

You can specify exactly how you want the hair removal on your face. Even shaping a specific beard is possible, think of laser hair removal for beards. Additionally, ears, nose hairs, and the neck are eligible for laser hair removal. Even eyebrow plucking can become a thing of the past. Ingrown hairs are a common issue for men, often occurring during shaving. These ingrown hairs can be unsightly and frequently cause discomfort and pain. Even shaving can lead to unpleasant skin reactions. With a few laser treatments for facial hair removal, this discomfort can also become a thing of the past! It's also useful to know that facial hair removal is covered by insurance.

Generally, it's wise to undergo a facial laser treatment during a period when you're less exposed to the sun. Guidelines include:
* No sun exposure three to six weeks before the treatment. This is because sunburned skin could be exacerbated by a laser treatment.
* No sun exposure two weeks after the treatment to allow the skin time to recover.

Not suitable for a sunburned face or when the skin on the face is visibly affected by the sun. If you have any doubts, you can schedule an appointment with us so we can do an assessment.

The laser hair removal treatment for the face explained

The treatments for all parts of the face are performed with the ET handpiece of the Light Sheer Desire Laser or the Cocoon Medical Laser. With this small head of 1×1 cm, we can treat very precise small areas.

1. Preparation: The area with facial hair should be removed at home through shaving beforehand. Upon arrival at our clinic, we assess the skin for possible irregularities, such as any hairs that may have been overlooked during home shaving. Any imperfections are corrected by us. Subsequently, we apply a cool gel to the skin, improving the conduction and distribution of laser energy over the treated area. The gel is absorbed by the hair follicles, increasing the efficiency of the treatment. The cool gel also provides a cooling effect, making the treatment more comfortable and reducing heat buildup in the skin, minimizing potential discomfort caused by laser heat.

2. Application of the laser: Our specialist uses the ET handpiece of the Light Sheer Desire Laser or the Cocoon Medical Laser, accurately projecting the laser beam over the intended area. The laser is carefully calibrated to focus on the melanin in the hair follicles, minimizing damage to the surrounding skin. Simultaneously, the skin is cooled to prevent any discomfort.

3. Session repetition: To achieve optimal results with laser hair removal, multiple sessions are usually necessary, often spread over several weeks. This is due to the cyclical nature of hair growth, and the laser is most effective during the active growth phase, also known as the anagen phase. Undergoing multiple sessions ensures a greater number of hair follicles are targeted during their active growth phase.

After the laser hair removal face treatment

After undergoing laser hair removal, it is also important to avoid sun exposure for approximately two weeks. This allows your treated skin to heal and reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation or other issues. Remember that even if your skin doesn't appear tanned, it can still be exposed to UV rays. Try to avoid this during this period.
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